Wednesday, February 12, 2014

life lately

One of my best longest friends Annekah came up to Utah with her newborn babe Theo!

"let me take a picture of you in your new suit!!"
my lil sis shayna sent him that tie from ukraine

sunday selfie

hedgehog selfie FAIL

visiting noma (my german grandma) in the hospital when she had pneumonia
my parents were out of town, and dustin was so sweet - he skipped his night class so he could drive down to american fork to visit her with me.  

superbowl/birthday party for donna (dustin's mom) at the harpers' house!
sad day since we were all cheering for the broncos.

we went out with some friends from our ward
dancing (as in ballroom/salsa dancing) & coldstone
such a good time!

went to a jazz game with shrude! (my boss, harp teacher, mentor, friend..)
we had awesome 3rd row seats!  sadly the jazz lost that game.

midway ice castles 
with our friends the jensens & the ostlers 

we like kissing each other!
now for a quick trip down memory lane...
three years ago we went to the ice castles for one of our first dates!  ahh we were babies!

three years ago - february 2011
it's fun to look back and think about when we first met, and how easily we fell in love and how quickly i knew that i wanted to be with him forever.  it always felt so right and easy and it still does!  

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  1. I'm diggin those glasses! And that headboard is beautiful, nice work! Miss you mel bellll